Pipe Flanges Valves Forge Steel Fittings Gaskets

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Types of Gaskets: Specially Fabricated Metal Gaskets, Die Cut Gaskets & Sheet Goods.         

Specialty Fabricated Metal Gaskets:
Spiral Wound, Ring Type Joint (RTJ), Graphonic & Tephonic .        

Die Cut Gaskets:
Garlock, Durabla, Graphite, Teflon, Rubber, Cork, Phenolic, Vegetable Fiber.        

Specialty Items:
Flange Insulation Kits, Flame Wraps, Flange End Protectors, Pipe End Caps,         

Flange protectors, Expansion Joints:
Garlock, Rubber, Teflon.        

You can download our PVF Resources LLC - Product Line Sheet
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